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Get that Winter 2016/17 paint job started early.  Don't wait until spring when everyone is scrambling to finish.  My prices are always cheaper if I can get started before the end of the year.

JAG Custom Painting can provide you with a unique look to your Motorcycle at a reasonable price. I'm a one man operation, have been painting for almost 30 years and only work on one(maybe 2) projects at a time.  This ensures that I can complete your bike in a reasonable time frame unlike big shops where you might get lost in the mix.  I use high quality PPG paint products along with a variety of pearls, metal flake and candies for a professional one of a kind paint job.  It will truely be "one of a kind" because I never paint the same thing twice.  I'm located in the central Michigan area near Shepherd, just south of Mt. Pleasant but have worked with customers all over the US and Canada.  Ship me your parts and I'll ship them back.  I know how to package parts and have yet to have a single part damaged(knock on wood).   Check out my photo links at the top of the page.  Thanks for viewing my site.  John.

I've got a lot more pictures of my most current jobs on Facebook.  Most of the pictures are in the albums "Custom Paint Jobs" and "Bits and Pieces".  Check them out at  https://www.facebook.com/john.a.gates

Contact info: 
Email:      JAGPaint@hotmail.com
Located:  Shepherd Michigan
Cell/text:  989-621-0063

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